I should at least get credit! or Free shipping or something

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I should at least get credit! or Free shipping or something

Postby wring » Sat May 05, 2018 2:09 am

As I may have mentioned a time or two, every year I do some gift to my in laws poking fun at Enzo. Most often it's some item printed w/Enzo's face on it (a caricature), captioned in an amusing way. There's been flexible chopping mats ("Ow ow ow ow ow"), vegetable peelers ("I'm a peeling"), luggage tags ("hey, that's MY bag!"), stadium cups ("don't knock over my drink"), whoopee cushions ("Pull my finger"). And chip clips. Several different times. The first time it was captioned "I feel so used". That time, I'd ordered them, oh, i dunno, around May of that year, to give to his family at Christmas, then in October, he gave me a bunch of chip clips for my birthday, then at Christmas, I opened several presents of chip clips from his relatives, and said each time "you can never have too many chip clips". Then of course, they opened theirs, and almost everyone laughed. And here, an internet buddy of mine who knew what was happening about the chip clips, had started a thread "things you can never have too many of". And again, nearly everyone was amused.

The second time I did chip clips, they were bone shaped and captioned "I have a bone to pick with you". And then a few years ago, another round of chip clips, this time captioned "You can never have too many chip clips". 'cause it's true.

Anyhow, on my facebook page, I spotted a new ad from that company (Motivators Inc). They were advertising their promotional chip clips that can have logos and stuff on 'em. And the title of their ad? "you can never have too many chip clips"


At the very least, they could have shown a picture of MY chip clips with that caption. Or, like offer me free shipping or free set up on my next order... :D/
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