How to Join Illuminati-R-Us

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How to Join Illuminati-R-Us

Postby Lance » Mon Oct 14, 2013 2:06 pm

As you can imagine, being a super-secret, multi-governmental domination organization in charge of implementing the New World Order can be a risky business. We are constantly thwarting attempts by the unscrupulous to infiltrate our defenses. To help keep I-R-U secure, we have introduced this vetting process when evaluating potential new members. Please follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Contact Form*.
    *NOTE: No one but the administrators see this. Your post is not public and your spam is a waste of time.
  • Enter the username you would like to use on the forum
  • Enter your real email address.
    (If we can't reach you at the email address you enter your application will be declined without further consideration.)
  • Reenter your email address to confirm.
  • Enter a subject line mentioning you'd like to become a super-secret ruler of the world.
  • Tell us why you think you'd be a good global dictator.
  • Mention how you found us and/or who referred you.
  • Submit your information.

What happens next?

  • We will go over your submission.
  • We may or may not contact you.
  • If we don't, please have a nice day.
  • If we do, please respond to any questions that may be in the email you receive.
  • We may contact you again.
  • Or we may not.
  • If we don't, please have a nice day.
  • If we do, it will be with instructions on how to log in.

Just because you might be accepted for membership doesn't mean you'll be getting the keys to the kingdom right away. There are multiple levels here. You will start out on the first floor, the public areas. Get to know us and make us like you. Then we'll see how it goes.


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